Hotel Everest View, Khumjung, Nepal

Hotel Everest View

Hidden on a ridge overlooking the Everest range, Hotel Everest View is a remarkable establishment that blends gracefully with its spectacular surrounding.

Everest forthe armchair enthusiasts? 

Or a reward for a life-long ambition achieved? Whichever way you choose to experience Hotel Everest View there’s no denying the joy of combining views of the world’s highest peak with world-class luxury.  

So we can get all the gain for none of the pain? 

The hotel has been listed by the Guinness Book of Records as the world’s highest at 3880m so beware the dreaded altitude sickness. One way to avoid being struck down is to trek to the hotel from Lukla – the three-day hike gives guests the opportunity to slowly acclimatise as well as experience the magnificent scenery. Of course, if this just sounds like way too much work you can fly in on a helicopter from Kathmandu.  

A helicopter? That’s cheating! 

If you hike the trail to the hotel you’ve definitely earned bragging rights and anyone who has choppered in should be forced to buy the first round of drinks to be consumed on the terrace. Then you’re all free to enjoy one of the world’s most stunning sights.

Hotel Everest View – Story

It was the spring of 1968 when Takashi Miyahara first laid eyes on the magnificent Everest range from a ridge in Syangboche. What he saw in front of him was absolutely breathtaking. The scene captivated his heart and from that moment, he dared to dream that one day he would build a world class hotel in that same location.

Even today, building a hotel at 3880m is no small task. To have built one in the ‘60s would have been extremely challenging. With no access to roads, the construction of Hotel Everest View relied on porters carrying the necessary items on a two week trek from Lamusangu (80km from Kathmandu). Or items being transported on a helicopter. Materials such as the sliding glass doors used in the rooms. The glass for the solarium, blankets and eating utensils were all imported from Japan. These were shipped to a port in Calcutta and then transported into Nepal.

“There is nothing impossible to him who will try”

Alexander the Great

The building of the hotel was undertaken with the help of local Sherpas. The project took several years to complete due to the difficult conditions. The hotel was designed by Japanese architect Yoshinobu Kumagaya. To this day, the hotel receives praise for the simple yet elegant design that coexists beautifully with its pristine surrounding. Miyahara and his team’s hard work and determination eventually paid off as Hotel Everest View opened its doors to visitors in 1971.

This hotel was built with a dream that guests from all over the world can come and enjoy a 360 degree view of the Himalayas. Appreciate Mt. Everest from every room and be treated with great hospitality. It is this unparalleled location and experience that makes a visit to Hotel Everest View a once in a lifetime trip. For a few, it is a journey that is taken many, many times.

Hotel Everest View – Rooms

All twelve rooms at Hotel Everest View were designed to offer a panoramic view of Mt. Everest and the surrounding peaks. The rooms are spacious with en suite bathroom, includes a sitting area and access to beautiful stone walled balconies.

In luxurious rooms, visitors can celebrate the art of pure relaxation by enjoying the tranquillity and peacefulness that can be felt in such sublime settings. The rooms feature a dressing area, a small study, a room heater, thermos and electric blankets to keep the bed warm. Free WiFi is available throughout the hotel.

Hotel Everest View – Dining

Hotel Everest View is renowned for serving delicious cuisine and offers one of the best dining experiences in the Khumbu region. Whether you are staying at the hotel, trekking by the area or landing at helipad after a mountain flight, everybody is welcome to drop by and enjoy menu. Seating can be arranged for 30 guests in the dining room. And popular terrace dining can host up to 50 guests.

They offer a variety of meals including a continental breakfast, Japanese style oyakodon, a club sandwich or a fillet mignon with fresh green vegetables. Their chefs have over ten years experience and many visitors are pleasantly surprised that it is possible to enjoy such delightful food at 3880m.

An interesting fact about the dining room is that the back wall is not made up of the hand carved stones that covers most of the interior. It features an ancient boulder originally sitting on top of the ridge. This is left as it is with the Tibetan Buddhist inscription ‘Om mani padme hum’.

Hotel Everest View – How to get there

“Twenty years from now you will be more disappointed by the things you didn’t do than by the ones you did do. So throw off the bowlines, sail away from the safe harbor. Catch the trade winds in your sails. Explore. Dream. Discover.”

Mark Twain

They are able to offer several options in your journey to reach the Hotel. For those who are short on time and prefer to travel in luxury, they can arrange for direct helicopter flights. It is also possible to organize private Everest Helicopter Tour with breakfast at Hotel Everest View along with a mountain flight around Everest Base Camp/Kala Pathar.

For the adventure seekers who want to experience trekking first hand, it can be arrange for trekking to the Hotel from Lukla village. Or combine trekking and helicopter, making it the ultimate experience. They are able to organize longer treks towards Everest Base Camp, Kalapathar, Gorakshep, Gokyo Lake and many more destinations.

Hotel Everest View – Exploration & Activities

If you are up for some adventure during your stay at Hotel Everest View, they can arrange day trips to the nearby attractions.

Khumjung (3780M) & Namche (3440m) villages

Comfortable hike, Duration 4-5 hrs
Located 20 minutes away from Hotel Everest View, Khumjung is the largest Sherpa village in the Khumbu region. Carved into the hillside at the foot of the sacred Mt. Khumbu-yul-Iha (5761m), the village has a monastery that displays a scalp claimed to be from a yeti (abominable snowman) and a school founded by Sir Edmund Hillary. It is also possible to visit the traditional Sherpa houses as there are still a few remaining in this village.

For those interested in spotting the Danphe (Impeyan Pheasant – Nepal’s national bird), the jungles nearby Khumbjung/Syangboche is a good area. This beautiful bird with multi colored iridescent plumage is generally spotted early in the morning or late afternoon. The nearby forest hosts several other species of birds and wildlife. It may be possible to see animals such as the Himalayan Tahr (wild goat) and if you are lucky, the diminutive and endangered musk deer.

An hour hike from HEV can take visitors to Namche Bazaar, a popular destination for trekkers in the Khumbu region. Known as the ‘gateway to Everest’, visitors can enjoy the vibrant shops and restaurants located on its crescent shaped slopes.

Tengboche Monastery (3867 m)

Challenging hike, Duration 7-8 hrs
The view from Tengboche Monastery is deemed to be absolutely amazing. With AmaDablam (6856m), Kangtega (6685m), Everest (8848m), and Thamserku (6608m) appearing in close proximity. From Hotel Everest View, they recommend going to Tengboche by horse. The trail is challenging even on a horse as it goes downhill to 3200m and then goes straight uphill to reach the village. Although it is possible to go to Tengboche as a day trip for the very fit trekkers. Or if using a horse, the general recommendation would be to spend one night there if interested.

The monastery is the largest in the area and holds the annual Mani Rimdu festival in November. This popular festival attracts locals as well as tourists. It is filled with music and dance in richly colored costumes and masks representing the deities.

Khunde Peak (4200m)

Moderate hike, Duration 6-7 hrs
For visitors who would like an attempt to climb over 4000m, Khunde Peak offers a great choice. 4 hours hike will get you to the peak, where you will be rewarded by a magnificent panoramic view of the Himalayan giants and the Thame valley. As there are no settlements nearby, you can enjoy this beautiful scenery in complete serenity.

Mongla (3980m)

Moderate hike, Duration 6-7 hours
Mongla village is located in the popular trekking route to Gokyo. It takes around 3 hours hike from the hotel. Mongla offers enchanting views of Tabuche (6367m), Kangtega (6685m), Thamserku (6608m) and AmaDablam (6856m), and of the Phortse village.